Best Bug Out Bag for Your Dog!

Best Bug Out Bag for Your Dog

You will need to have a dog’s bug-out bag too that is separate from your bag. It is hard to imagine leaving a human’s best friend in an emergency, but having a dog has many advantages.

A larger dog can give you warmth on a cold night, provides protection by giving a degree of protection to you so you feel safer.

Preparation is needed for all emergencies. If you can, make a plan for yourself and your family, and don’t forget your best friend.

Carrying a small dog pack was well worth the effort. The dogs were happy, healthy, and very well-behaved. Using this information, you will be able to safely hike with your dog in any of your favorite camping destinations.

Remember that your dog is not sure why you are out in an area away from home, and expects to have fun with you.

Give your dog time to sniff around when you stop for lunch or a break. And don’t forget to take short breaks at least once every hour or so. You might be amazed how much this will help you all enjoy your trip or time away from home.

The Plan

Planning an adventure with your dog can be a lot of fun. Make sure that you don’t overdo it during the first few trips. You and your dog should plan on doing a few practice hikes before your big trip.

Work out all possible problems that might occur on your trip or might cause a change in your plans. And remember to take some time to have fun. If it’s not fun for you and your dog, then it’s not worth doing. Have a great trip!

But if you want to take your pet with you, it needs its separate bug out bag. Select from different sizes and shapes, from small to large. Plan, and do some training first.

A bug out bag for your dog should consider a few things. This list is a starting place. Add other items for your dog’s needs.

1. Saddlebag

Many saddle bags carry heavy loads on just one side of the pack. A dog should put about 50% of its weight on each side of the saddlebag. How fast you will be hiking and the land terrain will help you to determine the weight of the bag. Also, consider making an improvised harness for large dogs.

There are unique dog bags available for purchase. They are surprisingly inexpensive, but they are often not as customizable as you might want. Have a cover that is plastic to put over the saddlebags when there is rain.

The best advice I can give you is to be creative and think about what your dog needs. Carefully evaluate the space you have and what you will need when bugging out. Be aware that some items (such as food) will need replacing more often than others (such as water).

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2. Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Just like your human bug out bag, your dog’s bag needs to have freeze-dried foods. They are lower weight and take up less space than other types of dog food.

Make sure that you follow your vet’s instructions on what to feed your dog. Make sure you have plans if you might need to obtain additional dog food for an extended time past the initial 72 hours.

Here is one example, but be sure you check to see if your dog will eat this type of food before you stock up.

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If you need to keep your dog quiet when you are in a situation where your survival might be at risk, train your dog in advance not to bark alerting all the thugs around you of your position.

3. Blanket

A dog’s blanket is one of the first things to pack in your dog’s bug out bag. Pick a lightweight blanket. If you are going in the winter, a thermal blanket would be a practical choice. The blanket can be for a bed or to cover your dog.

4. Backpacker’s Bowl

Backpacker bowls and trays are lighter and foldable and can stow in the dog saddlebag easily. Use a different bowl for water and food. Rinse and wash the bowls between times you are feeding your dog.

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5. Pack an Extra Leash

A dog harness would be a good extra item. The harness allows for more comfort and better mobility when walking your four-legged friend. If something happens to the first leash, an extra leash is essential. Ensure that the leash is durable. See leash suggestions below.

6. Water Purification Tablets

A water purification tablet can help you purify your dog’s water so that you can drink it safely. Portable water filters work, too, but are more expensive and less effective.

This water purification method is necessary to ensure that your dog continues to have access to clean drinking water. You might have to reduce the water amount you pack in the dog’s bug out bag because it is heavy.

Dog Tags and Collar

You should also have a collar and license tag on your dog. The name of the vet you take your dog to for care. Write down any medications given to your dog on a regular basis and keep that list somewhere else. Make a note if the dog has a microchip. Have your home address and phone number listed in case you get separated.

Have a list of the last vaccination information. An extra collar and tags can help if the original items get damaged, and you need to replace them with the backup tag and collar.

Many types of collars are available, but all have one thing in common, they will choke your dog if he pulls hard enough. The collar must be snug enough that it doesn’t slide over the dog’s head.

A regular collar is typically too loose for a strong pulling dog; a tight collar can cause choking.

A chain slip collar is usually not long enough to put much downward pressure on the neck. It works by allowing the leash to slide over your dog’s head if he pulls hard enough.

A front-attaching harness will put pressure on your dog’s shoulders and chest, making it harder for him to pull forward.

Most dogs don’t like having a pulling sensation on their chests. They will work hard to avoid it.

Some dogs will need to be taught not to pull by using a training collar.

Most dog training collars come with a “quick release” buckle so that removal is fast if the dog gets stuck on something or needs release quickly.

A pinch or prong collar should never need a quick release, and these collars should only go with a leash that has a quick release snap on it.

Some dogs will need help with pulling. A training collar can help.

What about a leash?

Leash for Dog

A 6-foot leash is probably the best length for most people. The 6-foot leash will allow you to walk your dog while staying far enough away that you aren’t continually getting “sucked back” toward him (which is dangerous).

A shorter leash will bring you closer and may cause problems during your training. A longer leash may be too much of a hassle to deal with, and you may get tangled up in it, drag it on the ground while walking, or trip over it. Most people find that a 6-foot leash is just the right length.

This short leash shows the range of motion a long leash provides and its problems with a long leash. A long leash, even though it’s extra-long and clips to “D” rings instead of being a standard leash,  it has some excellent features.

BAAPET 2/4/5/6 FT Strong Dog Leash with Comfortable Padded Handle and Highly Reflective Threads for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs (6FT-1/2”, Black)

8. Medicines

Pack the typical medications your dog needs and also have flea, tick, and heartworm dosages. If your dog needs a prescription, be sure you have enough doses to last while you are gone away from home.

9. Treats

Take some of your dog’s favorite treats. Your animal probably will not understand that you are in a survival situation. Treats will comfort your pet during your time away from home and allow your pet to stay calm and be obedient.

10. Article of Clothing or Familiar Toy

Your dog will be more comfortable in an unfamiliar location if you have items with your scent on them. One of your dog’s favorite toys will work well, and you will have it to play with your animal. Play with your dog like you would do at home.

Wrap Up

Packing the bag where it is accessed easily is essential when making an emergency plan for your pet. Some may require a more specialized harness.

As you are shopping around for the best bag that will fit your pet and be easy for you to manage be sure to get all of the parts that are needed to allow the bag you get to work.

Remember, if you choose to buy a bag for your dog, there are many options on the market. It’s vital that your dog will be comfortable, and you should try it out a few times before heading outdoors.

Don’t plan on using your pet as a weapon. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be useful to you. Understand the challenges of needing to be sure your dog safe too.