Best Pocket Chainsaw

best pocket chainsaw

How to select the best pocket chainsaw

A pocket chainsaw is essential for anyone who likes to hunt, backpack or participate in outdoor activities. A pocket chainsaw is a compact tool that is easy for you to use. Look for a lightweight saw that is foldable and a small size for packability, and one that cuts both ways.

Chainsaws are chain links with cutting blades attached to the facet edge. The pocket chainsaw is manually operated with a low amount of force. Made from carbon steel, they keep the sharpness of the blade for a more extended time.

Drying the blades after cutting will be essential and using oil to keep them lubricated. That keeps the carbon steel in the blades from becoming corroded. When making your purchase, check to see if the blades have a coating that prevents corrosion in any area with higher humidity. Some blades are heat-treated to keep the blades from stains and rust. The blades are self-cleaning and need regular sharpening to keep them in good repair.

Number of teeth per inch

The number of teeth per inch relates to the exertion you will need to use while cutting wood. Cutting is smoother with many teeth per inch, giving a cleaner cut on the wood.

Decide on the purpose you will use your chainsaw so you can select the number of teeth that gives the best speed for cutting. More teeth are slower but easier for hiking or landscaping. Fewer teeth per inch are best for cutting a larger amount of wood in a shorter time.

Size and weight

Look into the size, weight, and manageability of the pocket chainsaw you are considering purchasing. Select one that is compact but lightweight.

Best Length

Between 24 and 36 inches is the ideal length. Length can be extended if needed by adding a rope.


For cleaner and firmer cuts, look for a firm handle band that gives a firm grip. A handle that is firmly attached will provide the best performance when cutting. The best way to improve your grip on the handle is to wrap your fingers around each side.

This cutting tool is securely attached to the basic “handle,” one at each cutting edge. The handle securely holds the blade and has a wide grip to provide enough space for your hand to move securely around the circumference of the blades without blocking it.

The improved grip allows you to have a firm grip on the handle, which will prevent you from dropping it or becoming entangled in your chain.

Cost and Blade Replacement Availability

When selecting your pocket chainsaw, find a saw with several options for replacement parts. Regular sharpening and lubricating will extend the blades’ life so you can easily replace the blade when worn out.

Push and Pull Cutting

Most of the chainsaws that fold are pull only. A thinner saw makes it easier to control the saw when cutting rather than pushing on your saw.

A pocket chainsaw has a more balanced operation force. Achieving the balance comes from using a narrow saw with sharp teeth. The cutting line is cleaner and straighter.

Storage Pouch

Good storage pouches that come with pocket chainsaws are nylon which wears better and lasts longer. Attach your pouch to a belt loop or your backpack for portability.
Add accessories like a compass, a magnesium fire starter, a sharpening file, and a whistle.


Pocket chainsaws require minimal maintenance. Some need extra maintenance to perform better. Select a chainsaw with self-cleaning teeth to minimize clogging between the teeth.

Modern Chainsaws

Chainsaws are no longer the large, clunky tools that have been used in the past. Today, they are more compact, lightweight, and practical when getting the job done without the excess size.

Pocket chainsaws are the miniature versions of the tool used for cutting down large trees and pruning some branches. They can easily be concealed in your person or a bag and are perfect for any high-pressure situation.

Many farmers and landscapers use chainsaws. However, they can be used in any situation with some precision. Whether trimming a small bonsai tree or cutting down a limb on an oak tree, the chainsaw is often the most efficient tool.

Factor in your cutting skills and what you want to cut with your chainsaw. Match your needs with the chainsaw that will give you the best results. The weight and balance of the saw will add to ease of use. The saw’s ergonomic design will provide you with increased efficiency and comfort while using the saw.

Pocket Chainsaw Parts

Pocket chainsaws are made up of three distinct parts. They include a metal bar, a metal ring handle, and an actual chainsaw in its most basic form. The metal bar is the cutter head – specifically, the blade – which you can use to cut down smaller branches in your garden or cut up different tree branches. The metal bar has a sharp cutting edge. The metal bar can rust easily if it isn’t cared for properly.

A chainsaw that moves backward and forwards
The chainsaw features a forward/reverse mechanism that can move the blade up and down to provide cutting power. This mechanism can be turned off if needed so that it works on an automatic basis.

This type of chainsaw has a great deal of power behind it, so you must be very careful when using it.

In addition to the increased power, this type of chainsaw can cut through any material with relative ease because it’s not meant to be used on softer or weaker materials. This can cause problems if the user is not paying attention to the blade once it starts moving.

Pocket chainsaws are only as strong as the chainsaw blade. The blade is the part that moves against the wood and is also the part you intend to use for cutting. Using a pocket chainsaw will significantly decrease your workload when using sharp blades. Sharp blades will allow you to cut your intended material faster, more easily, and with less effort than dull blades.

Pocket chainsaws are similar to pocket knives, except for the fact that they have a built-in chainsaw. Pocket knives have many uses, but a pocket chainsaw is made specifically for cutting. This makes it much easier to cut down some unwanted branches on your camping trip.
Just like pocket knives, pocket chainsaws can be concealed in your everyday life.
The actual “pockets” on the handles are where you can store your keys, money, and other valuables. Keep them in your pocket, so they don’t fall out when you’re trying to maneuver.

Using the Pocket Chainsaw

The entire piece is meant to be held with two hands. A trigger operates the saw at the end of the metal bar. The metal bar is attached securely to the handle, and the chainsaw will start to move when the trigger is pulled back and held down.

Due to the weight and size of this tool, it’s meant to be operated by two hands. One will control the trigger and hold it down, while the other hand will hold the chainsaw itself.

Holding it with two hands gives a better sense of stability as you cut through your wood and a better understanding of control over the chainsaw.

This movement causes a chain (or blade) to start spinning around very fast while applying pressure to the wood in front.

The blade is the actual cutting tool; it is made of metal and will easily cut through the wood. When selecting your metal bar, ensure it’s sharp enough to do its job.

The metal bar can be made with a wide variety of material types. The blade is commonly made of steel or stainless steel, although some more exotic metals have also been used for blades (such as titanium).


The proper sharpening of the blade will increase the longevity of a pocket chainsaw, make it last much longer, and allow the blade to cut through the largest branches and trees easily.

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