Best Waterproof Ponchos for Hiking

waterproof ponchos for hiking

We reveal the lightest, most available in this comprehensive guide, which are the finest best waterproof ponchos for hiking.

When spending a lot of time outside, you know how crucial it is to maintain warmth and dryness while away from home. The best waterproof ponchos for hiking will help you enjoy your outdoor adventures more. Although they are excellent at what they do, waterproof jackets and pants are sometimes the simplest to put on or take off when you’re wearing additional gear.

The best waterproof ponchos cover your legs reasonably well, are lighter than most jackets, and are waterproof. They are far easier to put on and take off because you can wear a waterproof poncho over your backpack to keep that dry. The freedom of movement and breathability you experience when hiking in a rain poncho, as opposed to a jacket, keeps you comfortable.

Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Nano Tarp Poncho

The Sea to Summit Ultra-SIL Nano Tarp Poncho is the best rain poncho for trekking and camping. It is, without a doubt, the largest waterproof poncho we have ever tested, and it is also just 4 grams shy of being the lightest! This is yet another winner from Sea to Summit, which produces some of the best and lightest outdoor gear available.

The S2S poncho is a versatile rain tarp large enough for two people to camp under and a waterproof jacket substitute. You can build up an open-air, completely waterproof shelter in less than five minutes with the help of two hiking poles or lightweight tarp poles, man lines, and pegs.

The Ultra-SIL Nano Tarp Poncho, which is made for hikers and light backpackers, fits over your backpack when hiking and covers the typical person to the knee. The ultralight 15D siliconized nylon, which is made of Sea To Summit’s lightest fabric, is strong and comfortable.

With a 1,200mm hydrostatic head rating, you can be sure it will keep you dry. Like all Ultra-SIL items, this poncho folds into a little package that can be put inside a backpack pocket for easy access.

Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho

Without the stuff sack, the Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho weighs only 8 ounces, and because the cloth is so thin, it packs almost nothing. The best qualities of this waterproof poncho, which is made for all outdoor activities, including hiking, are its lightness and packability. Frogg Toggs is best known for its waterproof fly-fishing equipment.

Ultralight nonwoven polypropylene is used in the construction, and the seams are welded for complete waterproofing and breathability. Being so light and thin has a drawback in that it isn’t the most robust waterproof poncho, but given that it is around $10, this is less of a problem. Additionally, the material is recyclable if you ever need to replace it.

There are toggles on the hood to tighten it when the wind or rain gets up, and there are snaps down the sides to alter the fit and airflow. According to customer testimonials, the Frogg Toggs Ultra-lite Poncho performs admirably in humid environments where waterproof coats and pants would be too warm. It can serve as a last-minute rain fly if necessary.

Snugpak Patrol Poncho

Like other Snugpaks gear, the Patrol Poncho is built to be durable enough for use by military personnel anywhere in the world. Designed to give good leg covering, cover you and your backpack in one swift motion.

In contrast to other waterproof rain ponchos, the Patrol incorporates sleeves with thumb loops and wrist elastic. You can prevent water from flowing down your arm while still wearing your gloves underneath. This rain poncho’s roomy cut makes it simple to cover both you and your backpack, and it also functions well in emergency scenarios.

The Snugpak patrol poncho weighs only 363 grams and packs down to 20 x 10 cm, making it simple to put in your backpack and set aside until it rains. Additionally, the huge hood has a drawstring toggle that enhances fit and keeps rain out of your eyes in windy conditions. To prevent rain from getting down your neck, a front pocket with Velcro in the shape of a smock is located directly below the 1/4-length zip that extends up to your chin.

The proprietary Paratex Dry material from Snugpak, which is 100% waterproof and has a hydrostatic head of more than 5000mm, is used to make the Patrol poncho. Paratex Dry, which has a hydrophilic polyurethane coating, is only used with sealed seam systems for the greatest poncho rain cover.

The Patrol is composed of durable yet supple material, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing a trash bag. This is the greatest waterproof poncho for hiking or backpacking with a large pack, not just considering its size but also because it is well-made and cozy.

Charles River Apparel Pacific Poncho

The most fashionable rain poncho still functional for hiking and backpacking is, without a doubt, the Charles River Apparel Pacific Poncho.  Continues to be rated as one of the best waterproof ponchos for hiking. These waterproof ponchos are accessible to everyone because they come in more than six different colors and a typical one size fits all fit. In contrast to other thinner textiles, which can sometimes feel slightly rusty, the polyurethane outer layer has a smooth and flexible feel.

It is exceptionally soft and more durable on the inside, thanks to a thin knit layer linked to polyurethane. The form is made for water to drop off immediately, and all seams are heat-sealed to prevent water from getting through in heavy rain.

In stormy weather, the drawstring hood and snap-closure neck assist in keeping the rain off your face and from dripping down your neck. Size-wise, it is about the height of a 5-foot-9-inch person’s knee, but due to the design, it will keep your legs primarily dry even if you are taller than 6 feet. This poncho will keep you dry even if it wasn’t made to cover a large backpack. However, doing so results in less coverage on the sides.

The choice of materials, quality, design, and style distinguish a Charles River Apparel
Pacific Poncho from any other waterproof poncho. The straightforward button-up style is simply more stylish than a zip, and the fabric’s ability to reflect light gives it a premium aesthetic that most other waterproof ponchos seem to lack. Better style and quality are what you’re seeking because all of the top rain ponchos on this list are waterproof.

Another style we like in this line is the Classic Polyester Pack N Go Zip Waterproof Poncho

Mil-Tec Ripstop Wet Weather Poncho

The Mil-tec Ripstop Wet Weather Poncho is known for its toughness, it was initially created for the military. The cloth on this is thicker and more abrasion-resistant, making it more appropriate for hunters and those hiking through dense forests, in contrast to many of the best waterproof ponchos, which are made to be extremely lightweight. Compared to other lightweight ponchos, we would be more comfortable using this as a rainfly because there is little risk of it ripping under tension.

The trade-off for this added toughness is that it weighs more and won’t collapse as compactly as most. If durability is more important than pack size and weight, the Mil-Tec is the best option because, despite weighing more than others, it is still made of lightweight material. The poppers on the sides, which can be connected to other ponchos to create a giant rain tarp or even for one-person, are one feature we appreciate.

When the buttons are closed, this ripstop rain poncho has half sleeves and a hood with adjustable ties. It is entirely waterproof. It is easily large enough to cover you and as large a backpack as you can carry because it was made for military use.

Although this design appears very straightforward, the materials are incredibly durable and built to last a long time. They come in various plain colors and camouflage prints to blend in when you’re in the woods.

VAUDE Men’s Hiking Backpack Poncho

One of the few waterproof clothing items made expressly to fit a hiking backpack. The poncho may be stretched to accommodate a backpack without feeling constrictive or tight, thanks to the zip on the back. Another rated as a best waterproof ponchos for hiking.

The VAUDE poncho is a single piece that goes over your head quickly when you need to put it on because it lacks side openings. This quality is immediately apparent compared to basic rain ponchos, and the little design details make it a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts.

Although it is still incredibly thin and lightweight, the material is windproof, waterproof, and breathable to protect you from all types of weather. The entire device collapses into its front pocket for simple storage and portability.

They can be closed if necessary, the sleeves are beautiful and roomy to promote air circulation. The hood has a high neck to conceal your chin, a peaked visor, and adjustable cords to tighten or relax it.

This poncho looks nice and performs well for walking a dog or riding a moped, so we truly like it for everyday use. The backpack extension is a fantastic idea and is particularly necessary because the sides are closed. We prefer a side-opening poncho for strenuous treks because the poncho does get pretty sweaty on arduous climbs with a big pack.

Deerhunter Survivor Rain Poncho

The hunters will also enjoy the Deerhunter Survivor Rain Poncho because it is thicker and more sturdy than the superlight ponchos. Although we don’t know the actual weight, we estimate it is between 450 and 500 grams, giving it a great strength-to-weight ratio. Although the double-layer material is highly durable and wind- and rain-resistant, it doesn’t pack up as tiny as other materials due to its added thickness.

For hikers and hunters, it will provide coverage for huge backpacks and can serve as an emergency shelter, which is both significant pluses. Although the front pocket is convenient for holding maps and your phone, it is only about 99% waterproof because the seams are not sealed. Some people prefer that the hood be elasticated rather than adjustable, but it will inevitably become uncomfortable in strong winds unless you wear a cap underneath.

Deer-tex is produced similarly to gore-tex and can hold its own against any rain poncho made of that material. Its strength and dependability appeal to hunters and forestry workers who must navigate through dense vegetation. This poncho is perfect for sitting on because you don’t need to worry about it.

HAZARD 4 Poncho Villa

Because it is constructed of softshell, the HAZARD 4 Villa Technical Soft-Shell Poncho differs from all other top rain ponchos. The Hazard 4 Villa Technical Poncho feels plush to the touch and is more akin to the material found in softshell jackets than glossy waterproof cloth. This material is not as waterproof as any of the ponchos listed above, but it is warmer and more resistant to abrasions.

This is one of the heaviest ponchos we looked at, weighing over 1 kilogram, so a lightweight hiker shouldn’t use it. This is the perfect cold-season trekking poncho since it provides excellent shelter from the weather and objects like branches and rocks.

Due to its thicker fabric, it doesn’t pack away as compactly as a one-layer poncho, but it will still fit inside its front pocket and shrink after storage. Outdoor photographers like the wide-brimmed hood’s adjustability, non-rustling/quieter material, and the fact that it completely covers their torso when squatting.

It is pleasant to hike in and will offer cover. Even with a backpack, the body coverage is excellent, and all seams are tape-sealed, yet the torrential rain still seems to get through. Because it is warmer and more breathable than a fully laminated rain poncho, it makes a terrific hiking companion, and is rated one of best waterproof ponchos for hiking.

Which Waterproof Poncho Is Best for Hiking?

Therefore, breathability and whether it will fit a backpack below are the other two aspects of a hiking rain poncho that you should consider in addition to its waterproofness. The optimum ventilation will be provided by ponchos with open sides or press studs, although specific materials are more breathable than others, so study the reviews first. Find the best waterproof ponchos for hiking to match your needs and enjoy staying dry in the rain.

Make sure your poncho fits generously enough to cover you and your pack without getting wet if you trek with a backpack.

You will find our buyers guide helpful in determining the factors that will suit you best.