Bug Out Bag: The Extra Essentials

Survival Gear

The term bug out bag might seem unusual to you. The term refers to a bag that lets you survive for 72-hours. Bug-out bags are useful in natural disasters or any situation where you need to evacuate your home suddenly. The contents of the bag will be determined by your individual circumstances. This article gives you extra items to include in an additional bag.


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Any bug-out bag should have a supply of matches. Matches are essential for starting a fire in an emergency– especially if the situation requires you to leave your home. If needed, you can also use matches to create a signal fire that will alert rescuers to your location. Buy waterproof matches when possible, but if not, even regular matches will work.

Extra Batteries

Batteries are important items for any bug-out bag– especially if you’re using electronic equipment like a flashlight or radio. In many situations, it’s a good idea to have extra batteries. Keep in mind that you may need an adapter for your electronic equipment, so be sure to include one in your bag. Decide what size batteries your equipment needs and include an extra supply of that size in your bug-out bag.

Blanket or Towel

Having a blanket or towel to use creates a way for staying dry– particularly if you’re bugging out in the winter or during a flood scenario. A towel can be a good makeshift bandage too. It can help protect you from dangerous debris during a natural disaster.

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A water supply is one of the most critical items in any bug out bag. Staying hydrated is best. Monitor the water levels in all of your water supply at regular intervals. If you’re near your home, stay hydrated as well– but keep an eye on the plumbing systems in your home as well so that you know if an earthquake or other disaster has compromised them. Review this article for extensive details about water filters.


A good extra bug out bag needs to have extra food supplies—in this bag you might pack non-perishable items like a granola bar or two. It’s always a good idea to stock up on food, but you might not want to take all of your food supplies with you if you’re bugging out during an emergency.

After all, it’s essential to stay mobile during this time– and the heaviest items in your bug out bag will be the food supplies.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on what types of foods will be available when you bug out. If you’re bugging out during the winter, for example, you probably won’t want to take a lot of canned food with you– since it doesn’t have a long shelf life. In this case, you might want to consider taking some dried foods with you instead.

Bags of Dirt or Sand

Bags of dirt or sand can help stabilize your location in an emergency. For example, you can use this bag to help prop open your door if you need to leave in a hurry. A bag of dirt or sand can support a table that might be damaged or broken.

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A poncho is an essential item for any bug out bag– especially if you’re bugging out during the winter or a rainstorm. Ponchos are useful for protecting yourself from the weather, and they’re also waterproof. You can use some rope or other cordage to attach the poncho to yourself if you need to make a shelter

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Rain Gear

Rubber boots or rain boots or are necessary bug out bag items. If you are walking through terrain that is wet as you are bugging out. It’s common for people to develop infections after walking through water, particularly if they are contaminated.

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Dust Mask

Dust masks help improve your vision when you are in any emergency– critical if you have allergies or asthma. Keeping the air clean around you will help so you don’t breathe in any dangerous toxins.

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A flashlight is needed for those who are bugging out after dark or during the night. For solar power flashlights, attach some extra batteries to your flashlight. Have enough batteries so that you can make it through the entire day without having to recharge it.

If your flashlight uses batteries, be sure to stock up on replacement batteries for every member of your family– and store extra batteries in a plastic bag or container.

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If you are going in a group, let each person have a different color flashlight so they can use and keep track of their own.

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Binoculars are excellent items for those who want to keep a lookout for their surroundings. Many want to keep a set of binoculars in their bug out bag– so that they can identify creatures and dangers far away. Bug out binoculars are also beneficial if you’re planning to bug out during the winter. Since the snow may cover the landscape, it’s much easier to identify animals when you have good binoculars.

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GPS and Maps

If bugging out on foot, it is good to pack a map and a GPS unit in your bug out bag. Maps can help you track where you are going, and they can also help you find natural resources– like water and food. You may need to identify landmarks on your map to know which direction to go if the trail becomes unclear.

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Survival Knife

A knife is another vital part of any bug out bag. To defend yourself against animals, build a shelter, or even hunt your food a knife is valuable if you’re bugging out during the winter. See the article on top survival knives.

A multi-tool can also function as a knife, but you’ll probably want to consider an actual knife instead. You’ll also want to make sure your survival knife is easy to grip and comfortable for you– since you won’t have time to switch it out if it’s not comfortable.

Cordage and Rope

Cordage or a rope is another extra bug out bag item that is useful for building a temporary shelter. You can use it to construct makeshift clothing, and you can even use it to make a rope for climbing.

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A compass is another essential item to have in your bug out bag– especially if you’re walking long distances. To keep from getting lost while you’re bugging out a compass will point you in the right direction.

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Cooking Pot

A cooking pot can help you cook your food while you’re bugging out– and it’s also crucial for medical purposes. If you’re going to bug out during the winter, keep in mind that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s essential to find ways to stay warm– or create a fire.

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Survival Fishing Kit

A survival fishing kit is another vital bug out bag item. Even though you can catch fish with your bare hands, a survival fishing kit may be much more efficient and reliable. You can also use a fishing line if you’re bugging out in the winter– since you’ll need to keep your hands warm.

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Shelter Items

When you are planning on bugging out during the winter or during a disaster situation, you’ll need shelter items like clothing, sheets, and rope. Wood shelters can be built if it’s available. It’s important to stay warm and dry, especially during the winter!

Hygiene Items

If you’re planning to bug out, it might be a good idea to pack hygiene items like toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, feminine products, towels, etc. You’ll need these items if you don’t have access to a shower or bathtub when you’re bugging out– especially when it’s cold outside. More hygiene ideas at this article.


A toolbox is helpful if you’re bugging out. A toolbox gives you the ability to do minor repairs or light DIY tasks around your camp. Make sure that all of your tools can store in the bag, so they can be easy to carry

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Survival Items

It’s a good idea to include some necessary survival items with your bug out bag. These items should help you deal with emergencies and provide warmth and comfort when you need it most.


It would help if you packed as many pairs of socks and underwear as you can. Extra socks are essential if you are bugging out with your family. You never know how long you’ll have to walk or where you may end up. If you are bugging out in the winter, then it’s a good idea to include a pair of snow pants (or two).


Choose suitable footwear to put in your bug out bag: sturdy shoes that will provide ankle support. Boots are considered optimal– but these shoes can be heavy, so that you may opt for lighter shoes instead. See rain boots above for some examples.

Extra Clothes

It’s also a good idea to pack an extra change of clothes. It is vital if you’re bugging out during the winter or in a colder season that you pack extra clothing. You should also include some extra undergarments and socks in your bug out bag– just in case.

Survival Gear

When choosing survival gear for your bug out bag, always opt for lightweight items. You’ll have to carry this gear with you when you’re bugging out, so it needs to be light enough for the journey. It’s also a good idea to choose to pack items as versatile as possible.

Gear choices that are versatile and can be to used in many different situations are the best to have with you. When other members of your entire family can use the gear too, you make the outing safer.