Gracie Survival Tactics

Gracie Survival Tactics

Gracie Survival Tactics is based on gracie jiu-jitsu. Revolutionary defensive tactics system was created. It is called (GST) or Gracie Survival Tactics.

1. Use Your Environment to Your Advantage:

You may have heard Gracie Survival Tactics before, but it’s worth repeating. A good survival specialist never leaves home unprepared! Being prepared for any situation and understanding how to react is the first step toward survival!

2. Select Your Weapon Wisely

You will need to use a weapon (weapon of choice) in some cases. Since you will not be able to beat an opponent with just your hands or feet, determine the right tool for the job.

Select a weapon that will make it easier if you might have trouble defending yourself by punching, striking, grappling, and throwing.

3. Learn to Use Your Weapon

In Gracie Survival Tactics understand the weapon you chose. Know the weaknesses and strengths of that weapon. Study many kinds of weapons and be sure to learn how to effectively use them in various situations (including in close-quarters situations). For example, if you choose a knife, know how to use it before defending yourself. When you select a gun, learn how to shoot before it comes to that point! If you are using a survival keychain know how to use it before you need it.

4. Know The Location of Your Weapon:

Always carry your weapon near you at all times. Keep it where you can get to it easily. Make sure it is still there now and then. When you select a gun as your primary weapon, learn the safety position and how to use it. If you chose a knife, know how to open it quickly and effectively (if you have to use it).

5. Surprise Your Opponent:

Always catch your attacker by surprise. A good survival specialist is always unpredictable. Learn how to distract your attacker in different ways and then quickly counterattack. There are times when you will need to stay still (for example, if you are hiding or going for an ambush).

6. Fight On The Ground:

A fight sometimes cannot be completely avoided. Sometimes you will be forced to go on the ground with your attacker and fight (either to defend yourself or attack). It is essential to know how to fight on the ground to minimize damage and injuries properly.

7. Have No Mercy:

A survival specialist has to know when to pull the trigger or pull out the knife. Gracie Survival Tactics the best way to fight your attacker is with extreme force and fearlessness. Don’t hesitate; beat him up (don’t hold back)!

8. Get to Your Weapon:

Try to defend yourself until the police arrive. If you can get your weapon, use it! If you don’t have your weapon, fight or run away.

9. Do Not Force Anything:

You might be able to get away from your attacker, but if it proves too complicated, don’t force yourself! Give up early saving your energy. You can always run away later when the opportunity arises! It is best not to waste your energy when you don’t need it.

10. Maintain Your Skills:

Always keep your skills sharp. Always stay on the lookout for new training partners and new techniques! It is necessary to keep current with the trends and always train with professionals who can improve your game!

11. Keep yourself calm:

You don’t have to panic during an attack. Remain calm and trained-up at all times.

12. Protect Yourself:

If you know you can fight, it is important as a human being to protect yourself and others against aggressors. Don’t take chances. Be prepared. It will be hard to defend yourself if you are not prepared!

13. Train Often:

It is vital to train often to stay at the top of your game! Training helps you learn new techniques and sharpen old ones! It also helps keep you current with the trends in fighting and self-defense.

14. Conceal Yourself Well:

It is so important to develop the ability to hide from potential attackers. You can always take cover and run away (or fight). Always keep low behind walls, side streets, or other places where you can easily hide from the view of potential attackers. If you know several places where you can safely hide, choose one for safety’s sake!

15. Stay In The Moment:

It is essential to stay focused on the immediate (and often very small) things in life. When you are attacked, don’t let yourself be distracted. Not by your surroundings or anything else going on around you (such as the sound of a siren). Give your full attention to the attacker but also be aware of everything else going on around you.

16. Practice Quickly Moving:

You should be able to move in any direction that an attacker might try to take you! Improving your ability to move will also help improve an attacker’s ability to grab you or control your movements during the attack!

17. Use Your Skills:

You can still use your training to avoid, escape or overpower an attacker. For example, don’t try to get away by fighting back if you are cornered. Always use your weapons (fists and feet) practically as opposed to just in an aggressive way.

18. Keep An Eye Out:

If you are attacked, look at as many things as possible. Focus on the smallest details that you might find important in a later investigation. Write down everything that you can remember about the attacker:

  • his/her surrounding area
  • where they were standing
  • how tall they were
  • what kind of clothes they were wearing
  • details may prove very useful in a later investigation

19. Evaluate Any Mistakes:

Look at all the mistakes you made and understand why they happened

20. Know Where You Are Going:

Stay aware of where you are walking (or whatever other activity you may be doing) and know what is around you. You should be alert to dangerous places that someone could grab you from (corners, behind doors, etc.).

21. Stay Away from The Darkness:

It is always better to walk in the light and stay away from dark areas. If you must pass through a dark area, make sure that you know where someone could hide from you before entering it.

22. Always Walk with Your Friends:

If you are walking around in public areas, always be with your friends or someone that you trust.

23. Know When to Fight Back:

If someone grabs you and tries to attack you, do not just give up!

24. Be Aware of Your Surroundings:

Always keep track of where other people are around you at all times. Watch out for any vehicles that may be coming towards you, and beware of any dogs that may attack you as well. Always know where the exits are in public areas, too, so that you can quickly escape if needed.

Always use your knowledge of self-defense in an emergency! Use your training to avoid, escape or overpower an attacker.

25. Protect Yourself:

Always walk with a friend and always know where your exit is. If you are attacked, remain calm and use your wits to protect yourself from the attacker.

26. Run:

It is best to stay away from the attacker (even if you are unarmed) as long as you can.

27. Fight When Needed:

If your attacker tries to grab or restrain you, try to fight back by punching or kicking your opponent.

28. Use Your Weapon (if you have one):

Try to use the weapon to defend yourself from your attacker. When you are unarmed and your attacker attempts an attack, counter by attacking him/her with your fists or feet! If the opportunity arises, try to escape by running away!

29. Never Give Up:

Even if you cannot fight back with your fists and feet, try to defend yourself by running away or attempting to escape!

30. Always Train Hard:

It is essential to train and practice to keep your skills sharp continually. Know how to use the weapon that you chose correctly.

31. Use Your Knowledge:

Always use your knowledge of self-defense in an emergency! You might not be able to fight on equal terms, but you can still use your training to avoid, escape or overpower an attacker.

32. Keep A Close Eye On Your Surroundings:

Stay aware of the surrounding area at all times for strangers, potential attackers, and even predators. Be alert for any suspicious people that may approach you. Always stay in a well-lit area and when walking, always keep your wits about you. If possible, walk with friends or someone who can help you defend yourself if necessary.

33. Always Walk With A Friend:

Always walk with a friend or someone you trust (or at least don’t befriend attackers!). It is best to avoid walking alone whenever possible.

34. Be Aware of Your Surroundings:

Always keep track of where other people are around you at all times. Always know where the exits are in public areas, too, so that you can quickly escape if needed.

35. Don’t Talk To Strangers:

When a stranger approaches you (or if someone tries to start a conversation with you), do not engage with them! If possible, avoid them entirely (especially if they look suspicious). If they begin to approach you, turn around and walk away quickly.

36. Stay Alert:

It is essential to stay alert for suspicious people in public areas. Being too relaxed can put you in a bad situation that could have been avoided by being more aware of your surroundings.

37. Know When To Run:

Try to get away from the attacker (even if unarmed) as long as you can.

Wrap Up

You can take care of your survival using your knowledge of gracie techniques.