Items for Your Urban Bug Out Bag

Urban Bug Out Bag

Let’s learn about the things you need to have in your urban bug out bag. Survival in an urban environment is somewhat different from that in the countryside:

First, it offers the possibility of taking refuge and potentially surviving in abandoned structures. It will be important to evaluate the abandoned structure is sound enough for you to be safe while inside.

Items for your urban bug out bag will help you put together this specific bug out bag.

Second, an urban survival kit can contain items other than a typical bug out bag, and that also applies to a shelter, but it is still a stand-alone survival tool.

Here are a few ideas on some of the various things to consider, along with some tips and tricks for an urban bug out bag for your urban survival kit. Even if you still have to pack a backpack, you can always load an urban bug out bag for your urban survival kit for the next few days or weeks.


Do I need Mace in an urban bug out bag?

Yes, because it is useful in an urban environment. Anyone who has lived in a big city knows that cities often are far from safe.

If you are in an emergency, Mace can give you enough time to get away safely. You will want to carry this weapon near the top of your bag, where it is easy to grab quickly at a moment’s notice.

Mace can be purchased in different forms, including a spray bottle for your bag. If you choose to buy the spray bottle variety, make sure that you have extra bottles on hand.

While it is not a good option for every situation, there are times when it will come in handy, so consider adding Mace to your urban bag.

If you opt for Mace, be sure to learn how to use it as much as possible. Also, know now how to use it safely and effectively before you begin to rely on it in an emergency.

Mace Brand Pepper Mace Defense Spray– Jogger Model
This style works quite well for hiking and damping because of the way you carry it on your hand.


Do I need a crowbar in an urban bug out bag? Have a crowbar in your bug out bag if at all possible, and if you have space, it’s certainly an option.

How could I use a crowbar in an urban environment? The most common application for the crowbar would be prying open doors or windows.

It could also be used to gain entry into a car. Additionally, you can use the crowbar in self-defense against an attacker.

Crescent Flat Pry Bar, Red -FB13 select the length that will be comfortable for you to use

I highly recommend having some gloves as well. Scratches from the bar’s metal will reduce your hand’s ability to grip objects, thereby reducing your ability to use them effectively in situations where grip is essential.

Heavy-Duty Work Gloves

Heavy-duty gloves are used for many things. They can be used as a shovel to dig through or break up concrete. An important use is to protect your hands while prying open doors or other objects.

They are also useful for general protection while handling rough items such as sharp sticks, metal, and other hazards.

Jack and Jack Stands

You need a jack and jack stands in an urban bug out if you need to work on your vehicle.

Jack and jack stands are also useful for lifting large, heavy objects that may require moving. They could also be a base for building structures when other materials are unavailable or limited. Just think outside the box!

Arcan 3-Ton Steel Jack Stands (ALJS3)

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are also an essential to put into your Bug out Bag.

The high safety factors and the ease of using them make them a priority investment in any urban environment. A fire extinguisher can greatly improve your chances of survival in an urban setting.

First Alert HOME1 Rechargeable Standard Home Fire Extinguisher UL Rated 1-A:10-B:C, Red

Can Opener

If you are surviving in an urban environment, you will need to have canned goods.

An emergency can opener is an essential tool to open these cans. The camper can opener is a versatile tool and to use for more than just opening cans.
KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener, 8.34-Inch, Black

You can find these in multipurpose tools, including a serrated knife as a saw, four different screwdriver tips, and even a wrench. Research has shown that certain foods and drinks are healthier when consumed during or after a disaster where regular grocery stores may not be available.

Multi Tool Adjustable Wrench, Hawana All in One Spanner with Can Opener, Bottle Opener, Slot Screwdriver, Portable Camping Multitool Survival Gear Kit for Outdoor, Home, Car /Motorcycle/Bike Repair

Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are useful for obtaining access to a fenced-in area (such as a “gated community” or even the front gate of a city) but can also be used to cut through fences on the edge of town through metal window bars. Some folding pocket knives include a spring-loaded metal snip, though these are generally too small to be useful for cutting steel wire.
WORKPRO 7-Inch Diagonal Pliers in CRV Steel for Cutting Wires, Bi-material Handle Comfort Grip


Water Purification Tablets

Water purification tablets may help you when you see water but you aren’t sure if it’s safe to drink or you question where the water source is coming from or what is coming through. Add tablets according to the directions on the packaging, and you’ll have clean drinking water.

Be aware that all water may not be safe to drink.

Potable Aqua Water Purification, Water Treatment Tablets – 50 Count Twin Pack

Face Mask or Gas Mask

A gas mask (the kind that filters out air) will protect you from things like smoke and dust, which can be deadly in their own right.

The problem with gas masks is that they’re cumbersome and take up a lot of room in your bug out bag.

They also are hard to get on quickly when there’s an emergency going on around you. Factor in and determine the face mask or gas mask that would work for you best and that is more easily accessible.

For example, you might consider one of these disposable paper face masks. These fit on in mere seconds and will do a great job protecting your mouth and nose from any airborne hazards that might be present in an emergency.

Face Masks Black Disposable 100PCS for Men & Women Adults Breathable Face Mask

Water Keys

Water keys help you gain access to commercial or residential water in an emergency.

17 Inch Water Meter Key with 4-Way Multi-Functional Utilities Key, Contractor Grade Enforced Steel Water Shut Off Tool, T-handle Water Key for Water Meter on-off, Curb or Main Water Shut off, Valve

Most buildings will have fire sprinkler systems, but only about 50% of them are connected to a water source that a key can access. If a building has been abandoned due to an emergency, the chance is likely that the fire sprinkler system will still have access to water.

If there is any indication of flooding or water damage in any way, look for a wooden box. This wooden box houses your water key.

A water key is a removable piece of equipment that allows access to a fire hose when inserted into the fire sprinkler head. Your water key will likely work if there is still pressure in the lines.

If faced with an emergency in which you turn to a commercial building for refuge, chances are this avenue will be available to you.

Look to see if you can find a fire hose connected to the building’s interior pipes. They usually can be located in garages or basements of the building.

If this is the case, you can utilize this water source in place of your key. To gain access to these pipes, you may be required to access the sub-basement or parking garage.

With city building codes, all commercial spaces must be built with a sub-basement to protect from flooding and potential sewage overflow.

If you can access this area, there should be a water source available that will have a fire hose attached running up into the building.

Portable Solar Panel

A Portable Solar Panel for your urban bug out bag is essential to have. If you use a solar panel it will be useable even if the power goes out, and you can run your emergency radio and phone charger or other gadgets.

EF ECOFLOW 160 Watt Portable Solar Panel for Power Station, Foldable Solar Charger with Adjustable Kickstand, Waterproof IP67 for Outdoor Camping RV Off Grid System

Emergency Radio

A quality emergency radio is essential to have in your bugging-out bag.

You want to get accurate updates on the latest weather, current news, and other emergency info, I recommend the Kaito Voyager radio. It’s water-resistant/waterproof and runs on either battery or by using a hand crank to charge it.

You can also find radios that are solar charged.

Emergency-Radio,Puiuisoul 6000mAh Weather Radios with Hand Crank & Solar Charging,3 Gear LED Flashlight,SOS Alarm, Portable Power Bank,AM/FM/NOAA,Motion Sensor Reading Lamp


For any Bug out Bag an ax is an essential item to have in your bag.

An ax can cut down branches and as a weapon to chop through things. One priority is chopping kindling to have to start fires.

Kindling usually needs to be small pieces of wood, and you need a lot of it when you are trying to start a fire with it.

In the wilderness, you can collect small twigs.

In an urban environment, you may have to use something other than sticks to start your fires. That is why they also come in handy to be able to fit into your urban bug out bag as a tool for starting fires.

Craccker Camping Axe 15″ Plus Folding Saw Chopping Axe with Sheath and Anti-Slip Handle Outdoor Camping Hatchet Splitting Axe for Wood Splitting Gardening Tools (AXE-02)

Wrap Up

These items alone aren’t enough for an urban survival kit; refer to the article on the items in the basic bag and refer to the article on the extra essentials. Your well-stocked urban survival kit will have you prepared for any urban emergency. Use this article items for your urban bug out bag to help you create this type of bag.