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Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival - Learn More!

A survival kit for wilderness survival is a collection of necessary tools and supplies prepared in advance to survive in an emergency...
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Treat Water

How to Treat Water in An Emergency

Of the many ways water can be filtered, choose the method that will work for your needs...
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Best Camping Toilet

Best Camping Toilet | Survival Life!

The solution is to either carry enough water on your person or pack a portable camping toilet. The toilet will allow you to do your business without using any fresh water at all...
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Self Defense Baton

Self Defense Batons - A Quick Guide

Add a self-defense batons to the bug out bag. It is not usually non-lethal, but you can use it if needed for your protection...
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Best Bug Out Bag for Your Dog

Best Bug Out Bag for Your Dog!

It is hard to imagine leaving a human's best friend in an emergency, but having a dog has many advantages. Here's your dog's bug out bag...
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Urban Bug Out Bag

Items for Your Urban Bug Out Bag

Here are ideas on some things to consider, along with some tips and tricks for an urban bug out bag for your urban survival kit...
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Self Defense Keychain

Self-Defense Keychain - The Best Five

Have a protection device where you can carry around! Here are some of the self-defense keychain. Learn each of the six best keychains...
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Survival Bug Out Bag

What is A Survival Bug Out Bag? Learn Survival Blueprint

Creating a survival bug out bag is something everyone should do. Disaster could strike at any moment no matter where you live...
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Quarantine Survival Kit

Quarantine Survival Kit | We Need to Know

Essential items needed in a quarantine survival kit would be those that would get you from the point of contamination to the safety of hazmat gear and a ...
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Survival List

Survival List - Essential Things You Must Have

The items on this survival list are critical to your survival. You should consider these items to be your top priority...
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