Portable Propane Water Heater Pump

portable propane water heater

Consider your preference for the water heater type, electricity, portable propane, or solar water heater pump. Decide what tasks you want to use your heater for when you are camping.

Any camping vacation would be incomplete without a portable water heater. These portable water heaters are also an excellent solution for off-grid cabins that don’t have access to electricity because they run on propane or solar power.

A portable water heater is a simple and affordable method to take the convenience and comfort of warm water with you wherever you go. Portable water heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Decide if you want a tank or a tankless water heater. Would a battery-powered unit work better for you? The main benefits of a portable water heater are a small footprint, low maintenance, and hassle-free operation. You’ll be ready to go in no time with a portable water heater waiting for you whenever you need to use it.


Temperature is the key word here, so you want to ask yourself how hot you expect your water to be. It can be as low as 70 degrees because that’s the standard temperature for most outdoor shower systems. A small portable water heater can give you about 50 gallons of hot water per hour for those days when you need your shower super quick. A larger unit can give you 100-200 gallons per hour, depending on your needs.


Buying a portable outdoor heater for your water is a wonderful way to make your camping time more enjoyable, whether you love the outdoors and enjoy going on small adventures or require hot water in an inconvenient area.

How will you use your portable water heater? Will you use it to go camping, wash your car, bathe a pet, wash dishes, or take a shower? Maybe you enjoy tailgating or other activities.

All of these options will require accessories. Many units come with the necessary accessories; others have add-ons you can purchase. Add accessories as needed.

Cooking, and cleaning up around your campsite plus showering require the availability of hot water.

Hot Water to Go

An outdoor water heater can be used as a solution to these problems. Portable models can be plugged in and used indoors, but this is not recommended if you do not have access to natural gas. Instead, use them for places that do not have access to electricity.

A portable water heater is easy to use when you want hot water on the go. Many portable models are self-contained and require no installation or additional components. The best portable water heaters for camping are low-cost to run and easy to maintain.

If you’re unsure what type of water heater is best for your needs, research the available options recommended for you at the bottom of this article.

Solar Shower Systems

Consider a solar outdoor shower if you’re looking for a hot water solution that requires minor plumbing or maintenance.

Solar shower systems consist of a black tank placed outside, 5 to 20 feet away from the bathroom or shower area. The solar-powered pump is placed in a shady spot and gets its energy source from two direct sunlight panels and one charge controller panel.

Installing a solar shower is a relatively simple process. The panels must be mounted, and the charge controller must be installed in an area protected from the sun.


The essential components of a solar shower system include:

Solar showers are typically marketed as a solar-powered solution that is compact, portable, and lightweight. They can be used to rinse feet and hands and for personal hygiene.

A solar shower is different from an electric shower because it does not use electricity for hot water. Instead, the hot water is produced by the sun’s heat. The showerhead needs to be mounted in an area where it can get direct sunlight for at least 8 hours.

Portable water heaters come in various sizes with various price ranges. To find the best value, compare the BTU rating and the price. Remember that a single showerhead uses between 2.5 and 3.5 gallons of hot water per minute at 120 degrees Fahrenheit—you need a heater with at least 2,000 BTUs for one showerhead.

Rating of the BTU

The BTU rating is vital to consider if you’re looking for your heater. It means quantifying how efficiently and quickly the water is heated without becoming too technical. The portable water heater with a greater BTU rating is more powerful.

Flow Rate

Flow rates and the BTU rating influence how quickly the water heats. Suppose you’re buying a portable shower to use when camping. Get one with the largest BTU.

Campers often buy these units for several reasons:

• To save money
• Avoid costs associated with buying bottled water and transporting it on your camping trip
• Eliminate a need for plumbing that can be unsightly and difficult to maintain.
The best portable water heater can keep up with your needs in the shortest amount of time. Although there are many factors to consider, in most cases, you’ll be happy with a smaller unit that can hold about 20 gallons of water for about 2 hours before needing a refill.

Best Type for Your Needs

It is important to note that many other factors determine the best type for your needs, such as:

• Whether the heater comes with an alloy pan for easier cleaning
• How quiet the unit is.
• The amount of energy used.
• Does the unit heat the water quickly enough for your needs.
• The type and number of ports for hookups to various fixtures, such as faucets, showers, and drains.
• Are there several temperature control settings for different uses.
• How much water does it hold before needing a refill or refillable tanks?
• Which takes precedence, size, or quality when choosing one: cost per gallon or size

How portable is the Heater

Heaters are designed to be moved. However, weight and dimensions vary, particularly when purchasing battery-operated or larger versions. Consider the setup and how often it will be utilized. In most circumstances, buying a water heater less than 20 pounds is a good option.

Extra Accessories

A hose and a shower head will be necessary for showers. Make a list of the extras you want to have available. Some manufacturers offer these extras.

Elevation Rating

You’ll want to pay attention to the portable water heater’s elevation rating. Some aren’t built to work above 2000 feet.


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Camping Showers

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