Survival Food Your Top 5 Brands

Survival Foods

The truth of survival food is that many people who think about stocking up never end up doing it at all. Why is that?

It might be because they don’t know which foods will be best for storing for long periods without losing their nutritional value. It may be because they’re worried about the cost of buying a bunch of food that they aren’t going to be able to use right away. You may have different reasons. Refer to this Top 5 Survival Food Brands list for reliable resources.

The great news is that survival food brands have been created in recent years to:

  • cater to people interested in having emergency food supplies on hand
  • people who might not know what kinds of foods will be the best for a long-term storage solution
  • people who don’t have the budget for stocking it all up at once

These survival food brands have various options available that make it possible to build up a supply of emergency food without spending all your money at once.

When people decide to stock up on survival food, they often find that it’s more expensive than they initially thought it would be. For example, let’s say you’re trying to figure out how much food you need to store to keep yourself and your family well-fed for the first couple of days of a disaster.

You might think that you won’t need very much, since you’ll only be without food for a short time, but even a few days without eating can leave you feeling weak and tired. You might find you need more food than you thought.

The cost of food and other supplies is also usually higher than most people expect it to be. The high cost is especially true if the disaster happens during the off-season when food prices are typically at their highest in any case.

Survival Food Brands

Top survival food brands are a great way to ensure that you don’t go over budget when you’re stocking up on emergency food.

Survival food brands give you choices of different kinds of foods, from soup and vegetables to freeze-dried meals cooked in as little as 10 minutes, depending on the type. You might be surprised at how affordable these foods are when you take the preparation time into account.

This is especially true if you’re an experienced “do it yourself” cook. The freeze-dried meals cost more per serving than canned food. Still, they can be a great convenience if you don’t have time to prepare your food or don’t think that you can cook efficiently enough to keep everyone fed.

How long a survival food kit will last depends on its size and the number of people it needs to feed. For instance, a 72-hour kit will provide one person for three days.

If you’re purchasing an entire kit, you’ll want to know how many people it will feed and for how long. Most important, though, know what foods will be included in the kit.

Survival Food Kits

Some kits come with items like MREs, which you have to heat up. Other kits are designed for you to eat cold.

The average time the survival food is useable is five years. However, the length of time that the food will be good for depends on how it’s packaged and stored. For instance, canned foods will remain good for an extended time, but they can go bad if they’re exposed to heat or moisture or if they can cracks and bugs get in.

Another benefit to buying survival food from a brand like this is the variety.

Wise Company brand and ReadyWise 

Wise Company was one of the pioneers in the survival food industry.

Their goal is to provide their customers with all the tools and knowledge they need to be better prepared for whatever life throws their way. They are dedicated to helping people be more prepared, letting them know that Wise believes in their product.

They provide information on how to survive a disaster, what foods you should stockpile and how to rotate them, and even store foods at home.

Wise Food Company Emergency Freeze Dried Breakfast and Entrée Bucket – 56 Servings

ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply, Freeze-Dried Survival-Food Disaster Kit, Camping Food, Prepper Supplies, Emergency Supplies, Freeze-Dried Fruit Bucket, 20-Year Shelf Life, 120 Servings, Fruits

4Patriots: 72-Hour Emergency Food Supply Survival Kit for 1 person

72-Hour Emergency Food

Valley Food Storage 1 Month Supply

Valley Food Storage makes some of the best long-term food storage that money can buy. The use of high-quality ingredients and attention to detail during the packaging process makes this one of the best options available in terms of shelf life.

Their #10 cans are known for having a 20+ year shelf life, have easy-to-follow instructions, and are made in the USA or Australia.

The one-month supply has over 50 servings per day. It will provide a complete nutritious diet that would be ideal for survivalists, preppers, or anyone seeking an addition to their current food storage. Dehydrated foods are said to last up to 30 years, so this is a great way to start building up your food supply.

The one month supply comes with an excellent guidebook. High-quality ingredients with added taste enhancers are easy to prepare and eat.

The foods from this Company are a good source for foods for anyone with special dietary restrictions.

Mountain House

Mountain House Foods Of the choices, they are the best-known brand for freeze-dried foods. With a well-established product line, Mountain House has rated as high as 1st place on our list of the best survival food brands.

Mountain House has been around for 50 years, and they continue to provide quality, taste, and variety of their freeze-dried entrees.

The number one reason to buy Mountain House is because of their taste. With various meals ranging from chili to beef stroganoff to beef stew, you can find something that you will truly enjoy eating. Each of their varieties of food comes in a 30 serving can.

Divide the servings into 4, 5, and 6 serving meals, depending on your family’s needs.

With their long list of different meals, you will find something that everyone in the family would enjoy eating.

Good to-Go

Good to-Go is a freeze-dried meal kit company. Freeze drying removes moisture from food or drinks while still leaving them relatively fresh and intact. Freeze drying is done by reducing the atmosphere around the food to below the dew point. While water will freeze, most other substances are gas-like. They will not freeze until they reach a temperature around absolute zero (0 Kelvin).

Good to-Go offers three kinds of products:

  • breakfasts
  • lunches
  • dinners

GOOD TO-GO Food Kit Assortments | Dehydrated Backpacking and Camping | Lightweight | Easy to Prepare

All products are gluten and dairy-free. Good To-Go sells coconut milk bars and pouches, a non-dairy substitute for dairy milk.

A usual meal includes a cheese spread, an entrée, a side dish, dessert, and a drink pouch. Some sausages come with a sauce pouch in addition to the cheese spread pouch. These meals are stable with no refrigeration for up to three years.

Wrap Up

Just remember that it’s essential not to ignore this area when preparing for a disaster. Refer to this Top 5 Survival Food Brands list for reliable resources.

Don’t do anything that could take money away from the time and resources that you have available for food and supplies in your everyday life. Ensure thorough planning research before putting together an emergency food supply.

Some foods have a long shelf life that are expectedly not as nutritionally balanced as fresh food. You can get freeze-dried foods and long-term foods from the grocery stores, but they are expensive.

Economical way to stock up survival food:

  • canning your food
  • drying them
  • using an old-fashioned root cellar to store them.

You should also know wild plant foods that grow in your area that you could use in survival situations.

If they are in season during your survival experience, these foods can be part to your survival diet. Knowing how to recognize and use them can supplement your food supply.

Additional food ideas in Wise Survival Food article.