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Survival Forum – Plan Better

If you know anything about survival, you know that the most important thing is to keep a positive attitude. Once you know your basic survival needs, you can plan better.  Survival Forum can assist you with questions you may have.

Not every person needs the same things to survive; it all depends on the situation and your plans. There are many people with helpful advice online in any survival forum that can help you plan out what’s going to be necessary for whatever it is that’s thrown at you.

Suppose you have a few close friends or family with you during a survival situation.

You can share supplies and have lots of fun passing the time while you figure out how to get back home. But if you’re alone in a survival situation, things can get pretty ugly. If you spend too much time being scared and feeling sorry for yourself, what’s the worst thing that could happen to you. That’s when your sanity must be your top priority.

Never Let Your Fear Get The Best of You

You would have been a goner. If your friends or family are with you, then you should create a survival plan. When I say the plan, I don’t mean like a detailed list of what everyone will be doing every minute of the day, most likely useless and unhelpful. I mean that all of the important stuff about everybody’s skills and talents should be known by everyone else.

Believe me; it can be frustrating if you’re the one who knows how to make a fire, and you never get a chance to use that skill. Just imagine if they mess up and burn the forest down or something like that. Yeah, you wouldn’t want that.

If you’re in a situation where there is no way that you’ll be able to make contact with your friends or family, it’s time to start thinking about the positive. It’s not always going to be all fun and games like we would want it; sometimes, things can get scary and pretty crazy if things take a turn for the worst.

But that’s where you must do your best to stay positive. You’re going to have to think about what your loved ones are doing right now, what to do if they were in the same situation as you.

Visit a Survival Forum

If all of this sounds a little crazy, it’s because it is; but that doesn’t mean that it sometimes won’t come in handy. There are many tools out there on the internet that can give you some pretty good advice on using your other senses. Just remember that it’s a hard thing to do, but if you keep a level head while the rest in the group are going nuts, then you’ll be fine.

Let me tell you, and this isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. I have been in some pretty tense situations where I was all alone and had no way to contact anybody. You must get your priorities straight and know what it is that you want to do. You must know how to protect yourself, whether with a bow and arrow, knife, or gun. When you have no idea what kind of situation you’re in or what kind of animals might be lurking around, it’s always good to have a weapon handy.

Scouting Party

If you’re out in the woods, it’s always a good idea to send out a small scouting party to check things out. The scouting party helps you make sure that there aren’t any creatures or animals that might jump out. If it’s an area that you’re familiar with, you should know everything about it and be able to tell what’s around you.

When I went camping with my family one time, we took our dog into the woods for a bit of a walk and got separated. I could hear my dog barking in the distance, but couldn’t find him. Already knew that there must’ve been something out there that caused him to bark. When i was looking using a flashlight, trying to see him, but was not having success.

Went back to camp so that my friends and parents could help me look for him. But I knew it wasn’t a good idea to go out there by myself; one of us might get hurt or killed if we were all separated. But I had to know that he was ok, so I went out there to find him. Well, it turns out, my dog wasn’t by himself after all; there was a bear with him. We had to keep calling his name repeatedly, hoping that he would respond to us and stop barking at the bear.

Bear Awareness

Find out about Bear Awareness Classes in many areas and get expert tips from dog owners about making sure your pets are safe when hiking or camping in bear country. If you plan to go camping or hiking in bear country, check out online information on planning your trip for more safety tips. Watch on YouTube to learn more about bear safety. Also, check with a survival forum for additional bear and dog tips.

If you’re going to be camping or hiking with your dog in bear country, get them certified as a “Bear Aware Dog.” There are many Bear Safety classes held for people and dogs. You can also get brochures on how to hike with your dog in bear country.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Safe

Remember, it’s up to you to make sure that your dog is safe when he’s with you. You can’t count on wild animals to behave themselves! Make sure ALL of your dog’s tags are visible in case your dog gets away from you. Do not let your dog go outside alone if you are in a bear country.

Put your dog’s food in his dish or his doggie bag, and be sure it is not where a bear can get into it. You must be wary of the situation and watch to be sure they are not where they can come into contact with a bear. When you learn how to hike in bear country with your dog effectively, you will help your pet and avoid many potential problems.

While we want our dogs to feel welcome in the great outdoors, they need to behave around other animals.

Bears are pretty docile but still have jaws that can crush your pet’s skull if they become angry. The chances are that your dog will get along with other dogs and even with wolves, but its best not to take the chance.

You can learn how to hike safely with your dog in bear country. It is recommended to have an extra leash and using a back-up leash if you need to pull your dog back. Never leave your dog unattended while hiking, especially while you are on a hike outside the park. When you are hiking with dogs in the national park, take Bear Resistant Food Canisters.

While we encourage you to use bear canisters in the backcountry, we recommend using a back-up form of food storage in other areas. Dogs are great companions and walking partners and can help keep us moving on trails, but they must be adequately trained to hike.

National Parks

Park rangers carry firearms and have the authority to guard against any predators or intruders that enter the park.

The dog’s training process is crucial to maintaining a peaceful balance within the park. It is the dog’s responsibility to protect wildlife from predators and humans from wildlife at all times. Through obedience training and problem-solving, the dog must be able to react quickly in any situation. A survival forum or local pet group can give you extra tips.

Without a well-trained dog, it would be impossible for animals to have peace in this protected environment where humans are present daily.

Yellowstone, as well as other National Parks, allows certified boot dogs. They must wear booties to protect the trails and the backcountry. Each team of handler and dog is given a permit for their assigned trip quota. The dog must document all hours worked as boot dogs.

Their job to track down wildlife that has entered the park from the surrounding area and drive them out of the park before they can spread disease or sickness into the wild animal population.

For some of us, the job of having a guide dog is more than just a paycheck. It’s a way of life. Parks work very hard to set up for you and your dog incredible trips to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Now that you have read this post, we hope you can have an adventure with your dog in any national park. American Guide Dogs is here to bring you and your dog a lifetime of happy memories.

Wrap up

You will find valuable information on any survival forum online about how to handle any situation you may encounter. Find the forum resources that give you the information in your area and areas where you plan to travel. The more you learn and can share with others, the more helpful they are when they go camping, you go camping, or are in a survival situation.