Survival Shows to Watch

Survival Shows
Is there value in watching survival shows and to learn how to survive when I have to leave in an emergency? This article Survival shows to Watch will get you started.

Observe The Survivalism Movement.

You can learn many things from these people without becoming unusually hyper about the facts. These people are usually obsessive and delusional about prepping for disasters and pandemics. Survivalism as a movement tends to attract people with fringe cultural views. These are views that can destabilize society. Many of these survivalists are convinced they had found the true meaning and ways to prepare to survive. Learn how to survive in a disaster and you can do this by reading informative books like James Wesley Rawles The Survival Blog.

It is Better to Watch The Following Survival Shows:

  1. Dual Survivor
  2. Man, Woman, Wild
  3. Dual Survival (reboot with Cody Lundin)
  4. Alone
  5. Naked and Afraid
  6. Survivor man
  7. The Walking Dead (if you have to watch a show about Zombies)
  8. Man, Woman, Wild with Stacy Bare and Cody Lundin. The survival show is the most-watched survival show on the planet and Stacy Bare takes Cody Lundin to the limits of survival in all manner of wild places on earth. This show mixes comedy and with real survival skills for short-term wilderness survival situations.
  9. Dual Survival (reboot with Cody Lundin) also shows that Cody demonstrates real wilderness survival skills with his friend Al. They show survival skills on the expert level.
  10. The best of all of the duos shows in Alaska Dual Survival Alaska.
  11. ALONE. Alone is an excellent show also that showcases everything you need and to know about wilderness.
  12. Naked and Afraid is like the ultimate survival challenge.
  13. Les Stroud’s classic show that he does alone is Survivor man. He is the original survivalist and a true modern master of outdoor survival.
  14. The Walking Dead

Dual Survival in Different Places Listed for You to Get Started.

  • Alaska
  • Africa
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Florida Keys/Hotel
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Jungle
  • Maine
  • Mexico/Yucatan
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Zealand
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina/Pennsylvania
  • Northern California
  • New Mexico
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • Texas Part 1-3
  • In the country of Venezuela Part 1-2
  • Virginia
  • Vietnam
  • Washington Part 1-5
  • Maine Part 1-3
  • State of Colorado Part 1-3
  • Utah in addition Part 1-3

Wrapping up

Continue watching to learn the skills you need from real live teachers and for the areas you want to travel.