Top Survival Knives

Top Survival Knives

Survival knives are essential tools for surviving in the wild. These top survival knives will help you select for your individual needs.

What To look for When Buying a Survival Knife

1) Blade Material – Carbon Steel or Stainless steel? Carbon steel is more durable and rust-resistant than stainless steel but is prone to rust if not dried after each use. A stainless steel blade can’t rust or corrode but is prone to dulling and chipping. Carbon steel blades can get sharper than stainless steel but are useless if not cared for properly.

2) Blade Length – the ideal blade length should be between 4 and 7 inches long. Long blades are difficult to use in tight spots, while short blades have a short reach and are less effective in general.

3) Blade Design – Drop Point design is stronger than other blade styles. A full-tang design is more durable than a partial tang since the blade and handle are one piece of metal. It can break off if too much force is applied.

Ka-bar Becker BK-22 Fixed Blade Knife

The Becker BK-22 fixed blade knife from Ka-Bar is a popular choice among many survival knife enthusiasts and a reliable and sturdy survival knife. It’s virtually indestructible, made from high carbon steel, and heat-treated to make it resilient to rust and corrosion.

The knife is extremely tough and has a hollow handle used for storing matches or other survival essential items. The Becker B.K.22 has a leather sheath that secures the knife from falling out or being misplaced. The knife easily sharpens and can hold a sharp edge over an extended period

It is not just for survival purposes; use it as your everyday carry. It works well when you need to cut boxes, slice open a package, or trim branches from trees. It’s one of the best survival knives to have.
Ka-bar Becker BK-22 Fixed Blade Knife


Essee 6P Survival Knives

The Essee 6P is one of the most popular survival knives on the market today. This knife, amongst many outdoor enthusiasts, is an absolute favorite. With a 3.5 inch blade over 8 inches long, this monster of a knife will get you out of any survival situation. This knife has a full tang, constructed from a single steel piece for a solid blade and handle.

The handle on this knife is Micarta, a stable and durable material. This knife exceeds the ANSI/SOLAS specifications, which means used in life-threatening situations. This amazing knife has a belt pouch that comes with it for easy carrying when you do not use it.

The Essee 6P does not have a full flat grind, which means that the blade’s face is flat, while the backside may have a slight convex curve. In short, this knife is one of the best-made knives on the market today and should be in everyone’s camping/survival arsenal.

This knife has a great balance of power and weight. Under 5 oz, this gives you the ability to use your knife without being weighed down by its size.
Essee 6P Survival Knives


Gerber Strong Arm Survival Knives

The Gerber Strong Arm survival knife has all of these features built into it with an affordable price tag. The Gerber Strong Arm sports a 4-inch stainless steel blade with a full tang design and drop point tip for maximum durability.

The handle is black rubber making this knife easy to grip even when wet. The Gerber Strong Arm also has a saw back for cutting wood, a hammer-back for pounding in stakes, a screw back to repair gear while in the wild, and a hollow handle for carrying survival gear.

It comes with a long enough sheath to handle the entire knife, including room for the handle to move without being squeezed. The included sheath also has cord loops on both sides to attach it to a carrying strap or backpack.

The Gerber Strong Arm survival knife also has a lifetime warranty from defects in workmanship or materials. One of the most popular survival knives, it’s a good knife for the price

Buck Knives 119 Special Fixed Blade Survival Knives

The Buck 119 Special Fixed Blade Survival Knife is a very highly rated knife that you many find ideal for carrying with you when hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. This knife’s size, a full 6-inch blade, makes it easily used for crafting and building shelters.

The survivalist often uses this knife in a dangerous situation. The wooden handle of this knife will also help you keep your grip with wet or sweaty hands.

Suppose you’re looking for a knife that can be used in almost any situation and is extremely durable. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the Buck 119 Special Fixed Blade Survival Knife.

The black nylon sheath is light and strong to protect the blade of this knife while you’re on the go. It also features a belt loop, so you can easily attach it to your belt if you want.

Pros: Durability is one good thing about this knife. Plus, the wood handles mean that they won’t chip or crack like other materials can, which gives this knife an even longer lifespan.

MTECH USA Fixed Blade Knife Survival Knives

MTECH is the company’s name that makes this particular knife. The knife is a fixed blade knife meaning the blade is permanently anchored in place and will not fold up or down. The blade is slightly curved that slices effortlessly through much material. It’s not a gut-hook, which means that you can’t gut an animal with it, but the “full tang” extends through the sheath that comes with it.

There are two ergonomic handles/grips (one on each side). The biggest problem with this knife is that you can’t close it (by folding the blade in) if there is anything on the blade’s edge. You have to clean your knife off before you put it in your bag or pocket

The back spring on the MTECH USA fixed blade is good, meaning it will hold a blade for a long time.
MTECH USA Fixed Blade Knife Survival Knives


Broker Magnum Collection 2019

Broker “Magnum” collection has knives that are all the same length. Their name comes from being much larger than Broker’s regular knives. Usually, the Broker aims for a maximum blade length of 7 inches. In their magnum collection, the blades are up to 10 inches long.

The knife was boxed in a plastic sheath and further wrapped in bubble wrap. Order it with the optional belt chain. The sheath comes apart in two halves forming a clamshell design covered by a traditional nylon sheath that can be used for storage when you’re not using the knife. The clamshell halves contain a pocket with a locking mechanism to store a few items.
Broker Magnum Collection

The knife itself is equivalent to 440a from 9cr18mov steel. It has a nice satin matte finish, with a full-tang and an orange peel texture. The handle is flat and has grooves cut into it for grip. It’s also missing jimping on the blade’s spine, which could have come in handy for prying.

The Sheath Is As Impressive As The Knife

It comes with a chain for wearing around your neck and has a place to hold your belt when not wearing it. The sheath has some cool little features like lashing points on the back and an open pocket on the inside for knives or gear. It also has several different belt attachment options.

The Blade Is A Full Flat Grind and Half of The Blade Sharpened.

A full flat grind is usually a good design choice for survival knives. It allows for a lot of force to be put on the knife spine safely when used to baton wood. Broker’s 9cr18mov steel holds an edge exceptionally well. The blade is also surprisingly stiff.

It’s not a very thick knife, but it’s got a solid core and doesn’t flex at all. Has what Broker calls “The Saw” a saw tooth edge on the spine.

Five holes are drilled into the handle to lash what you need to carry. They would be suitable for holding a small pry bar or some cordage. The handle also has holes drilled into it for a lanyard.

A Fixed Blade Knife Is a Relatively Easy-to-Use Multi-tool

The saw back is for cutting saplings to use as firewood or stakes. A hammer back is for breaking small rocks into smaller pieces for starting fires to heat water or pounding in stakes. A screw back helps make repairs while in the wild.

The hollow handle can be a storage area to keep fishing hooks, matches, tinder, and other small tools used in survival situations. A good combat or survival knife should also be able to serve as a throwing blade.

It should be easy to grip and throw accurately.
In purchasing a survival knife, check them, so you get a blade that is up to the task.

Wrap Up

A sheath is another crucial factor when choosing a survival knife. The sheath should be long enough for the knife to be put in it with space for the handle to move freely. Having a cord loop on the sheath for attaching to a carrying strap is another useful feature.

A sheath that is MOLLE compatible is also a nice feature. The sheath should also accommodate other survival gear like a small fire starter, matches, and light helps to set up camp at night.